What is the distinctive Feature of Islam?

In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

  The major characteristic of Islam is that and God's message revealed to each of them; it lays down the basis of peace and harmony among the people of the world.

The great mission of Islam is not only to preach the above-mentioned truth, but also to correct those errors which had crept into the prevailing religions. Most important of all, Islam gathers in one book all those truths which were contained in earlier Divine revelations granted to previous Prophets for the guidance of mankind, and to meet all the spiritual and moral requirements of an ever-advancing humanity.

Muslims are encouraged to cooperate with all those who are faithful and God-conscious people, namely those Psalms and Gospel) through His Prophets. Christians and Jews are called the "People of the Book," and their Prophets and Scriptures are honored by the Muslims.

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