How does Islam view family life?

In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

 Family in Islam is the foundation of society. The family provides security and opportunity for the spiritual and material growth of its members. The family bond entails mutual expectations of rights and obligations that are prescribed by religion, enforced by law, and observed by the family members. Accordingly, the family members share certain mutual commitments. These pertain to identity and provision, inheritance and counsel, affection for the young and security for the aged, and maximization of effort to ensure the family continuity in peace. Children are considered to be the main treasure of the family.

Say: "O my Lord! Forgive, have Mercy; You are the Best of those who show mercy!"

Mutual alliance, clientele, private consent to sexual intimacy, and “common law” or “trial marriages" are not acceptable in Islam. Islam builds the family on solid grounds to provide reasonable continuity, true security, and mature intimacy. Islam recognizes that there is no more natural relationship than that of blood, and no more wholesome pattern of sexual intimacy than one in which morality and gratification are joined.

Islam recognizes the religious virtue, the social necessity, and the moral advantages of marriage. The normal course of behavior for the Muslim individual is to be family oriented and to seek a family of their own. There are many passages in the Qur'an and statements by the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, which go as far as to say that when a Muslim marries, he or she has thereby perfected half of their religion; so let them be God-conscious and careful with the other half.

Muslim scholars have interpreted the Qur'an to mean that marriage is a religious duty, a moral safeguard, and a social commitment. As a religious duty, it must be fulfilled; but like all other duties in Islam, it is enjoined only upon those who are capable of meeting the responsibilities involved.

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