How does Islam relate to Mankind?

In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

 Islam teaches that diversity among human beings is a sign of God's mercey and no one has superiority based on one's color, language or nationality. Islam promotes the brotherhood of man, toleration of one another, sympathy for the unfortunate and cooperation for for general human happiness. If there is any one religion in the world which has strove to eliminate racism, it is Islam. There is no distinction between men on account of mere birth in a partic ular family, particular profession, particular race or particular country, and that all human beings are equal. God created people of different colors, nationalities, languages and ethnic origins so that we may recognize one another.

In Islam, superiority is based on the love and fear of God, doing good deeds, and maintaining high moral and spiritual qualities. In many respects Islam has regulated the relationships between men regardless of creeds, races or colors. One of the aims of Islam is to emphasize the oneness of humanity as a whole and also the Oneness of the Creator of mankind and of all beings. Islam pronounces loudly, clearly, and with great emphasis that all people are, by nature , equal in all respects and that no one is better or superior to anyone else except through piety.

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